For the past 30 years, I’ve been leading other national and global leaders to accomplish the work God has called them to. Now, I’m excited to serve executive ministry leaders through a combination of mentoring and coaching – with genuine personal connection and professional insights – in a relationship that promotes courage, humility, freedom, and even laughter. I love to see leaders take their next faith steps to follow God wholeheartedly and lead their people and organizations to greater fruitfulness and impact. Leading is hard work, and I’d love to help you do it well and enjoy your life along the way! Let’s get together!

For 30 years, I've served in national and global leadership roles with Cru©, developing scores of men and women to serve as local, national, and global ministry leaders. I've been on staff with Cru for 44 years, including 13 years of leading local campus ministry teams and 11 years as Executive Director of International Missions on Cru Campus Executive Team. Most recently, he served as the Chief Strategy Officer for Jesus Film Project, leading a globally distributed team through an organizational change process, while developing new global partnerships, empowering leader decision making, and allocating financial resources for global projects.

Married for almost 44 years to Kim, with 2 children and 5 grandchildren, together we’ve been in personal ministry with Cru for almost 45 years, with 20+ years involved in sending thousands of students around the world and 25 years leading at a national and global level with the Campus ministry and Jesus Film Project.

For 5 years I coordinated global strategy for the Jesus Film Project, helping develop a strategy to plant 5 million new churches among 5 billion people who don’t have a church within walking distance.

Now I'm doing leadership coaching and consulting, helping ministry leaders and their teams to be resilient amidst the complexity and challenges of our day.

I love attempting impossible things. I’ve not always been successful, but I’ve never been disappointed that I’d taken the risk. And I know I’d be nowhere without great friends and great input from a broad network of teachers and leaders, and the affirmation that goes with those who are willing and able to speak both grace and truth into my life.

I want to pass along what I’m learning to others. I hope you find a little inspiration and motivation while you’re here.

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keith bubalo