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One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Available in person or online

Just like your core muscles are foundational for physical health, there are core dimensions to our lives that are essential for sustainable healthy leadership. Develop a game plan for your connectedness to Jesus, your physical health, and your emotional and relational awareness, with applications to your daily work, including:

  • An assessment to identify your pain points and strengths
  • Developing a game plan to increase your core capacity and emotional intelligence
  • Make applications to your leadership effectiveness in building a team environment, setting strategic direction, managing conflict, decision making, leading through change, and empowering leaders.
  • Meeting for an hour every 2-3 weeks (Minimum 6 to 8 meetings)

Resilient Leader Cohort

Join a group of 5-8 other ministry leaders to discuss how to keep moving forward when facing both external and internal challenges to your leadership.

The group lasts 5 weeks and is for 90 minutes each week.

Group Presentations and Workshops

Available in person or online

Select from the topics below, or customize the perfect presentation for your leadership team. We can meet in person or on online.

Living a Resilient Life Each Day
There is a lot to pay attention to as a leader, and it’s easy to lose our focus in the midst of pressure-packed days. Identify four crucial leadership behaviors that you give you an anchor that you can very simply use every day

Embracing Reality
In “The Art of Leadership,” Max DePree says the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. But sometimes, reality is hard to hear and see. Learn the art of curiosity and develop the ability to respond to the realities of the challenges and opportunities you face as a leader.

Leading in an Age of Disruption
We live in a world of chaos and change. Leaders that can’t adapt will be left trying the same strategies with less effectiveness, and their teams will become exhausted. How do you build the adaptive capacity for the organizational culture to rise to the challenges you face?

Collaboration and Partnership
Kingdom work is best done by building bridges, both within your organization and outside of it. It takes effort to stay focused on your work and to also build bridges that empower and bless others. Develop the mindset and skills needed to do both.

Five Things to Do Each Day
What if getting happy and staying that way isn’t some impossible venture that only a few outliers attain? Discover five simple, doable, daily practices that help you get on track and stay on track with your spiritual, relational, and emotional health.

One Day Workshop Topics

  • Developing Resilient Leadership
  • Team Direction Setting and Strategic Planning
  • Building a Powerful Ministry Team
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Creating Organizational Culture