Does commitment = surrender?

Over the years I’ve heard many times from those who wanted to have a closer walk with Christ and impact for him, “I just need to be more committed”.  It kind of sounds right…just give … Read more

The Robots are taking over our coffee

My future son in law Julian just sent this to me, a Wall Street Journal article on the move of local coffee shops away from the coveted “pour-over”.  I confess, that even as a lover … Read more

Following and Failing

My book Go Do Say Give is about following Jesus each day, and living out your desire to yield your life to God and his will. But sometimes it feels like we’re more resistant in … Read more

Jesus the Disruptor

Some people like change. Others prefer the status quo. And sometimes, which one you prefer depends on what the topic is. But change is inevitable. We never live in a “steady-state” for long. Being able … Read more

It’s not complicated

I love dogs, and saw this video on FB; besides being incredibly clever, it exemplifies what it means to influence (and to follow) others, and its not that complicated.  Sometimes, you just have to put … Read more