Does commitment = surrender?

Over the years I’ve heard many times from those who wanted to have a closer walk with Christ and impact for him, “I just need to be more committed”.  It kind of sounds right…just give more effort, determination, and grit. But commitment without surrender to Jesus will lead to confusion and disappointment…at best.

The biggest case study I can think of is Moses.  We all know the story of Moses’ surrender to the fiery presence of God in the desert, and subsequent deliverance of Israel out of Egypt.  But 40 years before his burning bush moment, Moses was in full blown commitment mode, and tried to deliver Israel.  He was clearly inspired and passionate. He saw injustice, cared for his people, and wanted to take action.  His intense commitment led him toward a half-baked decision to kill an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew slave.  Upon discovery, Moses had to flee to the desert to escape Pharaoh’s anger at his betrayal.  (Ex. 2:13-15). Moses had not laid his own will and rights down under God’s authority.  Instead, he claimed authority to act on behalf of God.  He was incredibly committed, but not under the authority of God. He meant well, but meaning well is not enough to make your life count in God’s kingdom.

We may think we know the right objective, and even say “this is what God wants.” But if our hearts are not surrendered to Jesus, we’ll get ahead of what he wants, or off in a completely wrong direction.  We forge our own way, confident that he will bless us because our mission seems right.  But God wants your heart before he wants your activity.

Don’t assume you know the way God wants his will to enfold.  Surrender, surrender, surrender until you meet with God and hear from him.  And after that…commit to his way of moving forward, as best you know how.  Then keep surrendering to him to realign along the way.  Being fallible, we need to allow room for God to step in and correct our surrendered hearts and will, to nudge us in the direction he wants us to go.  #godosaygive

2 thoughts on “Does commitment = surrender?”

  1. This struck me on this interntional day of prayer and fasting. I had to reread and write portions in my journal. My 2 months as an american missionary in a foreign land is not as I anticipated. So much red tape to obtain an extended visa, no one speaks English as expected, family at home not holding down the fort. What a perfect time to just surrender and pray it up to Jesus. Thank you for making this clearer for me!


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