Great coffee news for coffee lovers


I keep reading about the positive effects of coffee.   For some reason, Inc. mag puts in a coffee article every couple of months.  Should be about time for another. Of course, its always great to have supportive evidence that something you enjoy so much is good for you instead of having to make a defense for why you do s

omething even if its bad for you.  (Like eating donuts as a separate food group, for which I can’t think of any defense but which I am tempted to do every day.  I also discovered that I passed on this particular “I never met a donut I didn’t like” issue to my 2 kids.  Sorry.)

So, here’s to coffee, the superfood that’s been around a long time.  It significantly lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s and cancer.  And if you don’t ruin it with sugar and cream and drink it black – the way God intended – those odds probably improve even more.  So enjoy 2-4 cups a day of your favorite bean. Not 2-4 gigantic medieval mugs made for movies.  They loose the heat too fast anyway. Real cups, so like 12-24 ounces.  I max out at about 18. Glad to see that the science is coming around to help me out.

Shout out to my buddy and JFP co-worker Kari Kennedy, who brought me this batch of Kona Signature Series from Greenwell Farms .   

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