Fridays: Declare victory and move on

I often take Friday to review my week, and hopefully end the afternoon with enough task accomplishment that, whatever else may have transpired during the week, I head into the weekend with a little momentum.  Today it involves getting a few more things cleared off my desk, a little more time learning WordPress to build this blog, and finishing some work projects with email and few phone calls.  Nothing very dramatic, but enough tangible “stuff” to be able to declare victory. Doing this post is one of those momentum builders.

Here is my post from One Minute Wednesday, on Romans 8:28 in case you missed it on FB.   It holds a mysterious promise proven true in the lives of countless followers of Jesus.  Hardships or failures of various kinds, even unspeakable tragedy and evil, often become the seedbed for future successes, accomplishment, and exponential influence.  It’s hard to see, feel, or believe, that good could ever result amidst the pain that is brought on by the trial or evil encountered.  And often for weeks, months, and years afterward, the question of “Why” is just out there.  But Romans 8:28 gives us the great reminder that God is greater than our circumstances, and that we don’t need to live as victims of life itself.


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