One Minute Wednesday – What Do I Really Want?

If God acted like we wanted him too, it might look like a little like Jim Carrey in this clip.

One Minute Wednesday classic takes on a familiar verse that makes us ask, “what do I really want?”

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. – Matthew 7:7.

Seeking is hardwired into our personalities. With grandchildren I rediscovered the joy of a good game of hide and seek. These little boys love to seek and find. They also love to hide and be found. In fact, if you take too long to find them, the game gets pretty boring fast and they start to give away their location.

Asking, hiding, and knocking are all connected to our desires. Jesus seems to be pushing us to ask ourselves a simple question. What do you want? It seems that as a general principle, the thing you really want you go after…asking, seeking, and knocking. And Jesus says the Father provides what you are really after.

Sometime we don’t tell God what we really want, afraid he won’t come through. Jesus goes on in subsequent verses to explain the Father’s reliability to provide good gifts to his children. Now, I won’t pretend to explain the mystery of prayers for loved ones that go unanswered. Nevertheless, Jesus is encouraging us to dig deep into what is on our heart.

These verbs are ongoing action, not a one-time event. Keep asking him, keep seeking until you find, and keep on knocking until you get a reply.

Today, take some time to identify what you really want. What have you been pursuing, and why? And have you been gusty enough to lay that out before God, the source of all good gifts. And try to get a good game of hide and seek in soon.

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