Jesus the Disruptor

Some people like change. Others prefer the status quo. And sometimes, which one you prefer depends on what the topic is. But change is inevitable. We never live in a “steady-state” for long. Being able to not only tolerate change but to embrace it is essential.

Reading the gospels lately, I keep noticing how Jesus is disruptive in most of what he does and says. Sometimes it’s viewed with positive wonder and awe. Other times, he is viewed with fear or suspicion, even anger. He just brings a little (or a lot) more than what some people were looking for. They want bread, he wants them to have faith.  They want a sign, he gives a message or a rebuke. Someone answers a question correctly, he then pushes the issue to the next level. Occasionally he brings less, and they become disappointed in him.  Mary and Martha wanted Lazarus well, and but Jesus delays and Lazarus dies.

But Jesus didn’t come to make sure our lives are nice and comfortable, giving us whatever we want, like a genie in a bottle. He came to bring change, and change that lasts. Because there is a lot that needs to change, in us and the world around us.  And just doling out miracles and platitudes isn’t what creates a kingdom that lasts, and is grounded in truth, sacrificial love, and humility.

If you decide to follow Jesus, expect change. Expect disruption. Yes there will be peace and perhaps a thousand unexpected blessings. But also, expect to be uncomfortable when you say yes to Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Jesus the Disruptor”

  1. That’s a good word, Keith. I don’t think I noticed the disruption as much until recent years. As I age, the certainty of change around me becomes more central, more “in my face”. More loss, more memories that can’t be recaptured. But also, more of a sense that God is with me in the changes, and that he is Master over these changes, still working patiently to complete the work he began in me a long time ago.


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